Yankee Dictionary- Two More!

Here’s a couple more words that carry a slightly different meaning in Yankee Land:

Saddle- A term that is used to excuse a Yankee’s obnoxious behavior, esp. by attributing it to overindulgence in alcohol.

“My brother-in-law gets kind of rowdy at the Bills’ games, particularly when he saddle little too much to drink.”

Spider-  An observation of suspicious activity.

“While I was staking out your wife in the parking lot of the health spa, I spider getting into a car with her personal trainer.”

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Yankee Dictionary

Today, I’m introducing a new feature here on thedangyankee.com. Just as Jeff Foxworthy so expertly did with the Southern vocabulary in his Redneck Dictionary, I am assembling a dictionary of terms specific to the Yankee Dialect. Today, we define the word chauffeur.

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