Renfest, M’Lord?

In this web exclusive, the Dang Yankee reports on improvements to the campground at this year’s Texas Renaissance Festival.

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The Shantyman

If you attended this year’s Contraband Days Festival here in Lake Charles, then you were in for a special treat. A man in pirate costume was seen strolling up and down the midway with a guitar, playing seafaring songs to the crowd. No, that wasn’t the treat; that was me. The treat was the kangaroos in the Australian wildlife exhibit. Even on my best day, I couldn’t upstage a real, live kangaroo.

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The Merchants of RenFest

If you’re planning to go to the Texas Renaissance Festival this year, be prepared. And by that I mean, make sure your credit line is big enough to outfit the cast of a major Broadway production. Why? Because that’s what it’s going to take if you plan on buying anything from the vendors, even if it’s just an ostrich feather. Take it from the Dang Yankee’s experience, as described in The Merchants of RenFest, appearing in the current issue of the Jambalaya News.

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