Yankee Dictionary #17

Today, our Yankee lexicographer defines despondent.

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Pardon My Yankee-Ness

In this, his first story for the new Louisiana Jam, the Dang Yankee mulls about the one thing he’s still trying to get used to about Louisiana Life. And it has nothing to d with whether “y’all” is singular or plural. You’d be surprised.

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The Shantyman

If you attended this year’s Contraband Days Festival here in Lake Charles, then you were in for a special treat. A man in pirate costume was seen strolling up and down the midway with a guitar, playing seafaring songs to the crowd. No, that wasn’t the treat; that was me. The treat was the kangaroos in the Australian wildlife exhibit. Even on my best day, I couldn’t upstage a real, live kangaroo.

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