For Editors

 What makes The Dang Yankee an attractive column for your publication?  The answer is simple.  For over four years, Mike’s wit has delighted some 50,000 people in Southwest Louisiana and Southeast Texas who read each issue of The Louisiana Jam.  His column has appeared in the publication and its predecessor, The jambalaya News, almost since its inception, and it has become one of the paper’s most popular features.  It is sure to be a hit with your readers as well.

And with over a hundred columns published, Mike has proven that he can consistently churn out fresh, well-crafted material, always with plenty of sidesplitting humor, and to keep it coming.

In a time where readers have more choices than ever for their source of news and entertainment, The Dang Yankee could be that unique feature that makes your paper the one they don’t want to miss.

The column is now available for weekly syndication.  In The Dang Yankee, Mike carries on the tradition of the popular humor columnists, such as Dave Barry and Erma Bombeck, that have preceded him and from whom he draws influence.  From his perch in Southern Louisiana, the Maryland native offers a zany view of life in his back yard and beyond.  His natural style and wide range of subject matter appeals to readers young and old, Southern and Yank, no matter what shade their collar.

If you’re an editor or publisher and would like to kick the tires, you can sample some of Mike’s past columns here on this website.

If you like what you see and wish to inquire about carrying The Dang Yankee, or maybe just give it a test drive, contact the author using the form below.  Rates are based on circulation.

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