Are You Kidding Me?

by Mike McHugh
Stacey's new book hits the shelves this coming fall!

Stacey’s new book hits the shelves this coming fall!

I’ve never been a mother, but I have been called that a few times in vain. I am married to one, though, and I would bet that every mom in suburbia believes that she’s got it the roughest. Not true! That status would have to belong to my own mom after what me and my brothers put her through.

Motherhood in suburbia is indeed a challenge, and that’s why it’s good to take a step back once in a while and look at the lighter side. Fortunately, we’ve been blessed with a number of talented ladies who’ve been able to find a few precious minutes between dance recitals and disciplinary dealings to record their finest moments in print and give us all a good chuckle.

My good friend and colleague, Stacey Gustafson, is one such woman. A fellow contributor to the Not Your Mother’s Book series, she proved her mettle at a recent conference we attended where she and I, along with several other writers, got upon stage to do stand-up comedy without any prior experience. If her performance that night is any indication, this book ought to leave you in stitches.

Are You Kidding Me? comes out this fall in both print and eBook versions. I’d like to congratulate her on the upcoming release.

You can read more about Stacey here.

One response to “Are You Kidding Me?

  1. You are the greatest! Thanks for your help. I hope to make you laugh with my stories of crazy relatives, unruly kids, misguided husbands and everything in between. Any plans to do stand-up again? I think I’m going to try it at an open mic night. Pray for me. Go get your funny on!

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