Return of the Wenches!

by Mike McHugh
Last night, our wenches went and did it again!  This time, it was at the Krewe des Pirates ball at the VFW hall here in Lake Charles, LA.  Back in December, I reported how these swashbuckling lasses raided the bandstand and at the Buccaneers’ annual Christmas Ball.

This time, the band actually invited them up on stage, without a shot being fired.  Did they not realize that this was the “Krewe of Pirates” and not the “Krewe of Librarians”?  These wenches do not cede ground easily once they’ve taken it, as evidenced by their “Occupy Yankee Candle” operation during the store’s after-Christmas sale.

So this time, they stayed up there for three songs, all the while making the stage rock harder than a frigate that’s been seized in the tentacles of a giant kraken.  Still, the band played on through it all, despite the keyboard player losing sound when one wench tried to swing from his amplifier cable.

The band finally regained control of the stage through a brazen maneuver—they went on break.  The wenches, suddenly finding themselves up there with no one to victimize, dispersed to their tables, there to assail their husbands over consuming too much grog, when, after all, they’re supposed to be manning the helm tonight, because the lasses had all been dipping heavily into the wine barrel.

So now, roll the movie: Wenches of the Bayou: Kung Fu Fighting.

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