E.B. At Willie T’s

E.B. Does A Little Crowd Surfing at Willie T’s

E.B. hit the streets of Key West yesterday.  First stop—Willie T’s bar, to catch the tropical tunes of Captain Josh.  It didn’t take long for him to find his way to the stage, where he joined the good captain for several numbers.  I never thought of herons as song birds, but I must say that a canary doesn’t have anything on this guy.  Or maybe that was just my impaired judgment.  Myt  brain cells, not to mention my liver, were taking quite a beating that afternoon thanks to the Red Hook IPA on draft there.He turned out to be quite popular with the patrons and even engaged in a bit of crowd surfing during “Another Saturday Night”.  And I think I saw him whisper the answer to the trivia question as to who wrote the song (it was Sam Cooke, for your information) to Kevin, who won a full bottle of whiskey for getting it right.  Kevin, you know he’s going to expect you to share.

Kevin shows off his prize; I hope he realizes he’s going to have to share.

E.B. is now fully recovered from yesterday’s festivities.  Today he tells me he wants to go to the Southernmost Point and then spend some time by the pool.  And who knows what the night will bring?

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