Trouble In Paradise?

Could Mother Nature put a damper on E. B. Heron’s good time?

Uh-oh.  Seems like Mother Nature got wind of E.B. Heron’s plans to wreak havoc on Key West and is taking defensive measures.

Not to worry; he’s got a great support team behind him.  His chauffeurs, Chris and Tracy, have already left, a day ahead of schedule, to beat the storm.

His chaperon, meaning me, is working to get there tomorrow instead of Saturday.

Do not worry, E.B fans; we will prevail!  After all, the lapwing of literature has survived much worse, including photo shoots with Wanda on the Alabama Coast.  As long as the provisions- most importantly, Patron tequila- hold out, we will make it through just fine.

So what is there for a heron to do in Key West when it’s pouring down rain?  Plenty.  Join the band on stage at Sloppy Joe’s.  Hustle some pool at the Green Parrot.

A tropical disturbance is but a trifling thing for a true life hero.

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