It Can Be This Way Always

King Korn Dog announces the opening of the 2012 Annual Korn Dog and White Trailer Trash Family Reunion

As you leave the Quiet Valley Ranch, home of the Kerrville Folk Festival, there’s a sign that reads, “It Can Be This Way Always.”  But what way, really?  A hundred degrees in the shade?  Caliche dust so think you feel like you’re at a chalkboard eraser clapping contest?

Or what about corn dogs every Friday like they do each year at the Korn Dog and White Trailer Trash Family Reunion?  Now we’re talking.

The event is staged the last Friday of every fest by a guy who they call King Korn Dog.  I am told that he started the event, where he feeds corn dogs and fries to anyone on the ranch who cares to give his cholesterol level a boost, when they stopped selling them at the Main Stage concession stands.

They also served ice cream.  We ate it while standing in line waiting for the corn dogs to be ready.  A guy behind me remarked that it is actually better for you to eat desert before the main meal. 

A guy standing in line to eat corn dogs giving out nutritional advice.  Just think; it can be this way always.  Don’t you love it? 

See you next year.

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