The Newest Kerrvert

Pictured here is Violet with her mother. Violet is six weeks old. It is safe to say that this is her first Kerrville Folk Festival experience, what we here call a “Kerr-virgin”.

“Baby Nut”, as I call her, is the daughter of my good friends, Leah and Pete “Papa Nut” Palacios. Pete carries the title of “Papa” by virtue of the fact that he runs Camp Mid’x Nuts. I’m not sure why they use the term “Papa” for the people who have established camps here, but it does sound better than “Generalissimo.”

And yes, you can always find mixed nuts at Mix’d Nuts. Pete keeps a gallon container of them there at the camp, usually somewhere in the middle of the song circle. It remains well stocked due to the generous donations of nuts from people all over the ranch. He hates it when somebody puts M&M’s in there.

M&M’s on a hot summer day in Texas do not melt only in your mouth. When passed around in a song circle, they do not “contribute to the creating of music,” as the Festival’s mission statement says.

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