Death By Toast

There are only a few things that have the potency to kill a song circle here at the Kerrville Folk Festival. A guitar in the hands of some drunk can be particularly lethal. But last night, Jonno managed to do it in a way that I have never seen before.

He did not use a guitar. He was not drunk; his mom makes certain of that. No, Jonno’s method was much more subtle. The amazing thing about it was how he was able to pull it off from halfway across the ranch. I’ve never seen anything before with such capacity.

But there is power in Jonno’s French toast.

It was midnight. We were at Boomer’s trailer, aptly called the “Halfway House” due to its strategic location between the main stage on the north end of the ranch and our campsites in the meadow on the south. We were bopping along to Lon and his “Egyptian Rock”.

Then Pete suddenly appeared from out of the night’s shadow and made the announcement. French toast, topped with a variety of fresh fruits and syrups. And there was plenty of it. The meadow was in dire need of eaters.

Love your “Egyptian Rock”, Lon. But I’m not sure whether Willie himself could trump Jonno’s French toast at midnight under the light of a full moon.

2 responses to “Death By Toast

  1. French toast can do strange things to a man. Even stranger things when music is involved. Love the story but no way would I be in the Hot Texas sun for music, even if Willie were there. I salute your insanity.

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