Who’s Been Sleeping In My Bed?

Lately, I’ve been traveling so much that I’m not sure I can even find my house anymore.  During the weekdays I’m often in Houston.  I’ve been going back and forth there most weeks for the past three years.  By now I can tell you every decent place along Interstate 10 to stop for coffee, as well as which ones you should avoid, unless you are looking for something to remove paint from your car.  I could tell you where all the clean bathrooms are, but I won’t.  That’s because there are precious few, and so putting this information out on the Internet will only ensure long waits whenever I need to stop.

 Tonight will be a rare one in my own bed.  That’s okay; my wife has got so used to having it all to herself that, small a person as she is, still she has got used to taking up so much of the bed that I’d have more room sleeping on the windowsill.

 It won’t last long.  Today we just got back from a few days up in Yankee Land attending a family wedding.  Tomorrow we hitch up the trailer and head out to the Kerrville Folk Festival for eleven days.  The bed in the trailer is even smaller.  We just got a new mattress for it.  I hope she likes it.  What the hell; sleep is over-rated.  At least that’s what I’m trying to tell myself.

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